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A course which transforms your trading and investment forever.
This user-friendly online trading course has been designed, tried, tested, and recommended by experienced stock market and Forex traders who have grown exponential monthly profits. You will learn the same tried and tested principles to grow your personal trading and investment skills.

What You Will Learn

Our course is designed based on the successful Comprehensive Trading strategy© so it covers all the below topics.

1) Classic technical analysis
2) Pivotal Resistance Zones (PRZ)
3) Price Action
4) Fibonacci tools, Gannt, Pivot lines
5) Measuring the momentum of the market
6) Proper use of oscillators and indicators
7) Risk Management
8) Applied Elliot Wave Theory in practice
9) Time Analysis
10) Market psychology

The course starts from the basics and walk you step by step through the more professional advanced techniques so no matter what level you are at the moment, you will be able to analyse the market successfully at the end of this course.

How You Will Learn

We are using a unique effective educational method called Progressively Reaching Excellence (PRE). We have won awards and got CPD standards for this interactive method of online Teaching. This method includes 3 steps: Learning, Practicing, Solving your Mistakes. These 3 steps are repeated again and again until you will reach to an excellence in trading.

In this course you will have access to:

  • Videos: Access to more than 50 tutorial videos.

  • Live Q&A: Weekly live sessions for answering your questions.

  • Live workshops: When it comes to trading there is a high chance of potential mistakes a novice trader can make. So we review your practices as well as your analysis of the live market and comments on the weaknesses to help you grow as fast as possible.

  • Dedicated Forum: You can be in touch with other students and mentors through the week by using the forum to ask your questions and get some reliable answers.

  • Private group: You can share your trading ideas with the peer course mates and get their opinion about what you are trading. Students can share their knowledge base and our mentors monitor the discussions and guide you to reach your objectives.

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How to apply

The full course will last for 4 months and the tuition fee is $2500.

Please note our mentorship capacity is limited because we prefer to have fewer students so we can provide better quality mentorship and make sure our students will be super successful. So registration is strictly by application only. Please fill in the below application form and one of our expert advisors will be in touch with you to see which level of trading knowledge you have, whether this course is suitable for you and what will be our next in take dates as well as the instalment payment plans.

Application Form

This award winning method helped so many people around the world so far, so why you won’t be our next successful student?


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