Macroeconomics course along with Forex fundamentals

This course is completely online and you can learn from anywhere without any prerequisites.

Applied macroeconomics course along with Forex fundamentals

Why should we learn macroeconomics?

In the current economic situation, knowing the principles of macroeconomics is not a suggestion, but a necessity! It doesn't matter whether you are an employee and would like to invest your hard-earned savings, or you are a stock market investor; or you want to invest somewhere in real estate or gold, the first step is to figure out how economics work and how it impacts market’s upward and downward cycles, then you can make the right decisions.

In this course, you will learn when to enter which market so that the growth of your fund will be greater than the growth of inflation.

The content of the applied macroeconomics and fundamental forex course

If you don't know any of these idioms don't worry, we will entirely explain all the concepts.

1) Simple definition of Gross National Product (GNP) and its importance
2) Ways to increase Gross National Product to create more wealth
3) Difference between GNP and GDP and their usage
4) The relationship between national production and inflation and unemployment
5) The impact of investment and savings in increasing national income
6) The role of investment, government’s spending and international trade in determining national income
7) The difference between money and near-money
8) Monetary and fiscal policies and their role in the economy
9) The role of money in the economy
10) The role of banks in the economy
11) The difference between money, monetary base and money supply in the economy
12) The effect of increasing the monetary base and money multiplier on people's lives
13) The role of the central banks and their policies in the economy
14) Central bank balance sheet analysis
15) The effects of determining the prices by the government
16) Definition of budget deficit, its reasons and its relationship with inflation
17) The effects of selling bonds to reduce inflation
18) The effects of selling government’s properties to reduce inflation

19) The effects of printing money or borrowing from the central banks on inflation
20) What are expansionary policies and their impacts
21) What are contractionary policies and their effects
22) What is stagflation and when does it occur?
23) The triangle of gold, oil, and US dollar and the relationship amongst them
24) Forex Factory website and understanding its important news
25) What is the Producer’s Price Index (PPI) and its importance
26) What is the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and its relationship with PPI
27) Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) and its importance
28) The impact of increasing or decreasing of interest rate by central banks
29) Retail sales growth index and its importance
30) Trade balance of countries and analysis of being negative or positive
31) Analysis of the bond yields and its impact on other markets
32) Important news of Nonfarm payroll and how to analyse it
33) How to make money from commodity market
34) The impact of the economic growth of countries on their currency and stock market
35) The impact of construction industry statistics on the economy
36) How to trade currencies on Forex market by using the macroeconomic theories

Who is this course for?

1) People who are looking to preserve the value of their assets.
2) Businessmen and businesswomen, company owners, and managers to predict the economic trends
3) Stock market, Crypto and commodity market traders
4) Those who are trading in the Forex market and need to analyse the events behind a chart.
5) Families who have to make the right economic decisions to ensure they won’t have financial difficulties when they are retired.
6) Students and employees who is necessary for them to know how to grow their hard-earned income.
7) And all of those who seek to figure out economic variables and their impacts on the market, business and their lives.

This course is CPD accredited in England, which means it provides the highest quality of teaching methods.


What will you get?

  • Practical educational videos suitable for today's economy of the world
  • Real world examples and case studies
  • Homework and practices at the end of each lesson
  • A dedicated discussion forum for daily questions and answers with our highly knowledgeable trainers, graduated students and your classmates
  • A dedicated support person who monitors your training progress and helps you in this journey
  • Special gift: access to our Economic Club including macroeconomic analysis of the US and the world for the top students of this course
  • CPD accredited Certificate of Completion by completing the course
  • Course prerequisites

    You don't need any pre knowledge about economics to take this course, you will be taught all the contents step by step from the beginning in a simple way.

    The course tutor: Hugh Meghrazi

    Hugh Meghrazi, an investment fund manager, with more than 14 years of successful experience in the financial markets, has the most prestigious certificates in fundamental analysis (CIMA) and technical analysis (CFTe) and is also a member of the British Society of Technical Analysts(STA).

    He is the founder of Comprehensive Trading Strategy (CTS) which is applying economic theories along with technical analysis to find the best trading opportunities with a brilliant Risk to Reward ratios. He is managing his own fund with this strategy and could make above 70% profit year after year.

    Hugh is also the founder and manager of Investment Courses institute which is providing different educational courses based on his own experience and trading method called CTS. These courses have led successful students to high income.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The course fee is $1900 and you can pay this in installments.

Answer: The content of the course is compiled in such a way that every person with any level of economic literacy can figure out the concepts and apply them in their life. Many real world examples are used to explain each lesson so that even people with no background can learn the contents easily. There are also several trainers to help you and answer your questions.

Answer: One of the most important things any trader in Forex, stock or even crypto market should do is to find the major trend of the market. The major trends are formed by the fundamental news and economic data. By studying this ‘Fundamental and Macroeconomics’ course, you can understand the economic news and data very well so that you can predict the major trends of the market and make more profit.

Answer: This course is completely online and all people from anywhere in the world can use the educational content at their desired time. If a new update is added to the course in the future, you will have access to it for free.

Answer: 1. You will have an exclusive support person who will follow your learning path during the course to make sure that you have learned all the contents well. 2. If you have a question, you can discuss it with other students and trainers in the discussion forum and get an answer within less than 24 hours. 3. At the end of this course, people who have been active and studied well, will be granted membership of our Economic Club for free, where they would regularly work alongside our top analysts to analyze macroeconomic and find good investment opportunities.

Answer: Yes; for those who finish this course successfully, a certificate of course completion will be awarded.