Master of Trading in Financial Markets

Explore the pyramid below - Unlocking success in global financial markets, whether it's Forex or stocks, follows a clear journey through these 4 essential stages. With 12 months of unwavering guidance, we've paved the way for you. Our mission? Ensure you reap the rewards from these markets for a lifetime.

Macroeconomics and Fundamental of Forex
(3 Months)

Some of the course topics include:

  • Introduction to Macroeconomic definitions
  • Forex Factory website and its important news
  • Relationship between interest rates and currency fluctuations
  • Identifying different market cycles and following the Smart Money
  • Monetary and fiscal policies and their impact on the markets
  • Economic growth impact on currency and stock markets
  • Plus, dozens of other chapters...

Technical Analysis Based on CTS
+ Risk Management (4 Months)

Some of the course topics include:

  • Measuring currency strength
  • Classic technical analysis
  • Price Action
  • Elliott Wave theory
  • Japanese candlestick patterns
  • Finding PRZs based on supply and demand theories
  • Introducing CTS strategy
  • Risk management techniques
  • Managing an open position
  • Plus, dozens of other chapters...

Value Investing in Stock Market and
Fundamental Analysis (3 Months)

Some of the course topics include:

  • Growth vs Value and Penny Stocks
  • Introduction to Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P indices, and more...
  • Understanding financial statements and ratio analysis
  • Analyzing a company's performance from financial perspectives
  • Introduction to company valuation models
  • The impact of interest rate changes on company valuation
  • Plus, dozens of other chapters...

Who's the perfect fit for this course?

  • For those ready to start from scratch, with no prior background.
  • Individuals who haven't experienced a comprehensive course yet and only have learned some bits like Price Action or Ichimoku.
  • Anyone aiming to learn systematic investment principles.
  • Those without a clear trading strategy who need to learn one.
  • Self-learners with scattered knowledge, facing challenges leading to consistent losses and yet to achieve steady profitability.

Invest in Your Success: Course Tuition

Embark on a year-long journey with our comprehensive course. Each module comes with its unique value, and success in the financial markets hinges on mastering these vital disciplines. Dive into the knowledge that guarantees triumph!

Course Duration
Macro and Fund. in Forex 3 Months
Technical Analysis with CTS 4 Months
Global Stock Fund. Training 3 Months
Live Profit Execution Mastery 2 Months
Master of Trading Comprehensive Course 12 Months

Invest in wisdom: $6900

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Course's Exclusive Features:

  • Treasure Trove of Over 100 Recorded Video Lessons, Available 24/7
  • Lifelong access to a dynamic discussion forum with instructors and peers
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions: Get Your Course Questions Answered in Real Time
  • Weekly Live Classes: Review your analysis and live trades and Address Your Challenges
  • Continuous Review: Your Trading Statements Evaluated by Our Expert Instructors
  • Personal Support: Exclusive Guidance and support along Your Learning Progress
  • Official CPD Accreditation from the UK: Recognized Certification for Course Graduates

The course tutor: Hugh Meghrazi

Hugh Meghrazi is the Chief Investment Officer of Compound Investment Group and boasts over 15 years of triumphant experience navigating global financial markets. As the CIO, he currently steers millions of dollars through the funds under his adept management. With prestigious certifications in Fundamental Analysis (CIMA) plus Technical Analysis (CFTe) and, coupled with membership in the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) in the UK, Hugh is a seasoned professional.

In the genesis of 2016, he pioneered this educational website, sculpting successful traders through contemporary strategies like the renowned CTS strategy. Hugh's commitment to world-class methodologies and top-tier education earned his series the prestigious CPD Standard accolade from the UK in 2017.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

No, the one-year ‘Master of Trading in Financial Markets’ course is designed with the assumption that participants will start from scratch. Many of our successful students had no prior background in the stock market, Forex, or financial markets.

The answer to this question depends largely on you. From our perspective, yes, you will learn everything you need in the one-year Master of Trading in Financial Markets course, and your challenges and weaknesses will be addressed in practice sessions. In fact, with our award-winning teaching method called PRE, we thoroughly review your analyses in our online classes and discussion forums to ensure we have addressed all your weaknesses, allowing you to enter the live market with confidence. However, your success ultimately depends on your efforts, how carefully you’ll apply what you have learned, and avoid complacency.

Of course, you can choose to pay in installments.

It depends. Experience has shown that students who have previously undergone training or even traded in the market still have weaknesses in many aspects and are not proficient in the intricacies and nuances. If this were not the case, they would undoubtedly have had a good income from the market! Therefore, we recommend starting the course from the beginning to address and rectify these weaknesses.

Yes, after registration, you have a 2-week period to watch up to 5 educational videos, plus access to our weekly live sessions. If you will not be satisfied, you can cancel, and the entire payment will be refunded. We believe in the quality of this educational method.

After registration, you can contact our support team and inform them that you would like to temporarily pause (freeze) your course. Whenever you're ready to resume, you can return and continue with full strength.