Learn how to trade from a successful investment manager with more than 13 years of experience trading stocks and Forex. The course is based on his very own trading strategy called Comprehensive Trading.

Hugh Meghrazi

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Master of Trading

Unlocking success in global stock markets, whether it's US, Canada, or European stock market. Follows a clear journey through these 4 essential stages. With 12 months of unwavering guidance, we've paved the way for you.


Macroeconomics Course

In the current economic situation, knowing the principles of macroeconomics is not a suggestion, but a necessity! The first step for any investment is to figure out how economics work and how it creates market cycles, then you can make the right decisions.


Trading by CTS strategy

This course has been really successful in training profitable traders. It designed based on CTS strategy and covers all the things you need to know from basics to advance topics so you can start trading successfully. It consists of more than 150 hours of live practical online classes and tutorial videos.



Trading is a practical skill so it needs practice and getting feedback from your mentor, that’s why on a weekly basis we run online Mentorship sessions to answer your questions as well as reviewing your trades to find your mistakes or weaknesses and help you to overcome them faster.


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  • I found this course very helpful, and recommend it to those who want to learn how to trade

    Jess Green
  • Very delighted to have taken part in this course - highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get better trading results or start trading

    Tom porter
  • This course is really necessary for those who want better trading success

    David Bay
  • A few private sessions leads to a lot of loss reduction and better position management. My profit increased with Hugh’s advice.

    Ronald Campbell
  • You can be sure you will make money by the end of this course by simply following what you've learned.

    Lucy Chain
  • Don't waste your time by looking around, Hugh Meghrazi with his years of experience can introduce you to the amazing world of trading and help you to become successful fast.

    Nicole Moran
  • Hugh’s method of teaching is very interesting and interactive

    Tom Walton
  • Very happy to learned trading via this course. You should take this course to see what I mean. Tutor support and mentoring is quite simply amazing.

    Matt Keegan
  • If someone is really looking to make a profit from the financial markets, this course is what they really need. Superb experience.

    Rose Cole